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A Phone, Not For Your Desk

I absolutely love the idea of eliminating the use of desk/tabletop space. This cordless phone creates an intentional use of commonly overlooked space. No more clutter and paperwork to hide and loose your phone. There is only on immediate obsolescence to this phone idea that I see. The “home phone” has become something of a thing of the past.

I’m sure that mos towuld enjoy revisiting the idea of being away from your phone as apposed to setting it on “silent”. However, this lavished looking cordless phone is still entering the world as a thing of the past.

Perhaps a hanging device could created as an attachment to the blackberry or iPhone? In that case, it would have to be more fictional than simply keeping your phone accessible. “Out f the way” might not be ergonomic enough by today’s design standards. That, and I can see certain downsides to a hanging cell phone with the ringer set to vibrate.


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